5 reasons why you should go on an all-girls Surf and Yoga trip in Ecuador

How did we all caught this “being busy” syndrome? When did it become normal to always be in a rush? How can we possibly spend our whole lives planning the future without never really being in the present? Our body and mind need a break at one point: but how do we learn to slow down and need less?

The first step is to acknowledge that you deserve to take time and energy for yourself. Because you do. Then, you need to find a way to do it. Easy to say, harder to do. This can’t just happen while keeping your routine and staying in your daily environment…

So how does getting out of your comfort zone, developing skills and experiencing new sensations sounds to you? What about learning how to surf, deepening your yoga practice and connecting with like-minded girls ? If this sounds both exciting and challenging/scary, the Salty Souls Experience is for you. Under the sun and palm trees of Ecuador (South America), you would have the chance to join an all-girls trip and surround yourself with inspiring people to live an authentic Experience!


1. Because it’s the most beautiful gift you can give to your body, brain and soul.

Think about it, what can possibly be better physically and mentally than the combination of surf and yoga?! You play in the ocean for hours, you have a daily dose of adrenaline, you burn a lot of energy and you experience the incredible sensation of sliding on a wave which leaves you completely HIGH ON LIFE! You combine this with stretching sessions at sunset, listening to your breath while hearing the sound of the waves. You discover different facets of yoga that go far beyond simply performing poses. You develop strength and flexibility while creating a more intimate connection between your body and mind. It’s the perfect journey to reconnect with yourself and give your body and mind the time and space to remember what really makes you vibe. You will find the necessary mental space to finally listen to your inner voice, which will allow you to reconnect with your deepest desires and generate a new flow of creative ideas.

2. Because it’s the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with a dozen active and inspiring girls who have dreams as big as yours!

There is something incredibly strong in the feminine power. When we bring together ambitious and passionate women, something magical happens.

We encourage each other to face new challenges, to leave our comfort zone, we welcome new perspectives, we draw inspiration from each other.

Imagine all the projects, travels and deep friendships that will come from being among other girls just as active and vibrant as you!

3. The FOOD !!!

Eating is by far one of the greatest pleasures of life. Let’s be honest, there is not much that is as thrilling as the moment when one is about to enjoy a delicious healthy dish after spending a ton of energy while moving / surfing. What could be better than eating fresh, local food that will make you feel at your peak?

4. Because Ecuador is such an epic country to explore 

Whether you like spending your time on the beach, in the Amazon jungle or surrounded by mountains, Ecuador has it all. The amount of stunning places are endless and wherever you are, you always have that feeling of freedom and pureness.

During the Salty Souls Experience, amongst other things, you’ll explore the jungle, you’ll snorkel around the colorful water of the equatorial coast, you’ll experience a shamanic Temazcal ceremony. In Ayampe -where the Salty beach front villa is- you’ll wake up to the sound of the waves and you’ll only need a few steps to end up with soft sand in-between your toes. Ayampe is a small surfing town invaded by tropical flowers and exotic birds where it smells good & fresh 24/7. This beach is a surfer’s dream; no crowd, waves for every level and it’s awesome everyday.

5. Because you REALLY don’t want to spend your vacation in the typical all-inclusive…

We understand that an all-inclusive where you spend your days drinking poor-quality cocktails, sunken in a deck chair surrounded by a bunch of retired people talking about how their golf technique improved in the last year, is not for you. You truly deserve something more exciting that will allow you to unleash all that greatness of yours.

Come explore Ecuador with us! It truly is a beautiful country.

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About the Author:

Surfing brings the best out of me. Mama Ocean is my gym, my life coach and my psychologist. I believe that being open-minded, caring for others, seeking challenges and never taking things too seriously is the key to a happy life! - CoFounder of the Salty Souls